Warm and healthy meals are included in the package. 

Throughout these 3 days, breakfast and lunch are provided by the organisation near the competition spots.

  1. BREAKFAST - During the Tournament, the hotel offers a continental breakfast with a sweet tendency.
  2. LUNCH - On the occasion of the 3 lunches (friday, saturday, sunday), a location will be assigned to the teams.
  3. DINNER - Team's Dinner is not includes in the packaging, in order to promote the visit of the city and the rest period.


Each team will be assigned to a place to lunch in order to help them organizing their trips. 


La Terrasse du Buisson

Located 800m far from the Westotel, the restaurant allow each team residing to La Chapelle sur Erdre to have lunch. 


Complexe du Vigneau

Within the VIgneau Complex, the friendly room is available to feed the teams residing at the Vigneau’s site on the Friday and the Saturday and during the finals on Sunday.



As partner of the tournament, Quick offers a good meal which is included within you registration. The restaurant is located near the finals’ site, near Vigneau’s complex.


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